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Anybody wanna chat about whatever? I'm often lurking around on Skype, so just thought I'd ask.
Anyone here play Xenoverse 2 on Xbox one? I just started, and am having trouble with Elder Kai's 13th tutorial challenge. ((EDITED)) Nevermind, I FINALLY got the finishing combo to work. Never doing that again, lol.
So, how many food babies here were created this year? =P
Happy Turkey day. Gobble till ya wobble.
Once I get my next pic finished and uploaded, I think I'm done. Just pointing that out there.

LifeStuff. Bigger, longer, and uncut.

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2016, 3:01 AM

Been a while since I updated my journal over things that have been going on in my life. I'm bored, so figured I might as well. Beware though, it's very very long. Probably my longest journal post ever. I'll try to divide it into sections the best I can.


Birthday, and work drama.

I guess I'll jump back as far as the beginning of October. The actual day of my birthday was okay. I had to work long hours that day and night. Two 16 hour shifts back to back with about 4 hours of sleep In-between. We've been short on Staff during that time, which is why I had that shitty schedule. My client at work tried to pull some bullshit on me that night too. Forcing himself to vomit, pretending something was wrong with him. So I had to take him to ER and back, followed by more paperwork, and picking up a prescription for him. He continued to fake it the rest of that weekend, which is why we determined he wasn't really sick. Just doing it for attention. So my b-day felt like any other day, only a bit worse. My fiancé insisted on spoiling me before and after my birthday, so that helped me get through it a ton, and I still owe her bunches for that. *Hugs her.* <3 My old best friend *Brother to me* insisted on spoiling me too a few days ago as well with late b-day stuff. Gah, I feel bad, but it really does mean a lot to me you two. Thanks again. =) 

As the weeks went by, I continued to work long shitty hours at work before my schedule changed yet again. Thanks to finally having extra help in the work home. I've been able to catch up on my sleep a bit better in-between work hours since then. 


Movies, games, and anime! Oh my!

During my time off in-between work, I've been spending time with my fiancé, visiting mom/helping her with stuff, paying bills, gaming, plus watching movies and anime. Been keeping up with DragonBall Super a lot too. I had a feeling we would see Vegito again. Very exciting. XD I can't wait to see the next episode. Also been rewatching the Sonic X anime in Japanese, as well as the English dub of SailorMoon Crystal. Been watching "Tales from the Dark Side" too. That whole series finally became available on DVD, so it's been fun to relive my childhood with that.

I got back into playing "Attack on Titan, Humanity in Chains" on my 3DS. The new PS4 game got me into the mood for it, plus the recent chapters of the manga. Still can't wait to see Season 2 of the anime. I hear it will finally be ready sometime next year. The story has been mind-blowing in the manga lately. The Berserk manga has been getting more exciting too. The new anime of Berserk was okay. I'm glad to finally see more of the story animated, but I still struggled to get use to the 3D CGI. >_> Plus they still cut out a shitload of the story too, which was a major bummer. Maybe they'll use what they cut out as a flashback for season 2 next year. *Shrugs* Anyway, I spent a lot of time helping other players slay Titans on that 3DS game. All the while gathering materials in order to upgrade my blades, and see how long I can last in Survival mode. That's all that's really left for me to do since I've already done everything else on that game a long time ago. =P I'm "Alucard" in that game, btw. Incase you ever happen to run into me on it.

I also finally got the chance to play "The Angry Videogame Nerd Adventures", thanks to Nintendo having it available for download in their store. I got my fill of that over a few days. After beating it, I continued to play it. I still get back on it now and then whenever I'm bored. Awesome game. I can't wait for part 2 to be available for the 3DS. I'm very eager to try that out after seeing it on YouTube. Come Halloween morning, I got off from work. Slept half the day, then got up to celebrate what was left of Halloween. Which involved ordering a pizza, and enjoying a few drinks. We had one spook visit us, which was my niece. She brought her b/f, and some kid she was currently babysitting at the time. So we got to give some candy out after all. =P Later I watched a Halloween related horror movie with my mom.

The next day I found the time to try out Corpse Party on the 3DS. Finally, I get a chance to play this game. I've heard a lot about it over the years, and have already seen the anime a long while back. I knew I was in for one hell of a ride. Upon playing, I loved every bit of it. It took me about a week, but I got all the endings unlocked, including all the extra chapters with their endings too. Have all bonus material unlocked as well. Plus all the victims tags found. This game is so great, I don't want it to stop. Unfortunately their's nothing left for me to do on it, except to replay it all again until I get my fill. I've read about the sequels. Caught a glimpse at "Book of Shadows" on YouTube, which just looks boring as hell by comparison. Lots of reading, that's for sure. But the gameplay just looks like...bleh, lol. I hear that the 3rd sequel is similar to the first one. Anyway, would be nice if those two would be available on the 3DS someday. Until then, I have no way of trying them out myself. =/ I watched the live action movie of Corpse Party the other night. It was...okay. Quite a few things were changed, and it mostly followed the plot of the anime. I blame this on the length of the film. They probably should've just made it a tv series instead, lol. Some may argue that it shouldn't have a live action adaption at all. Eh, to each their own. =P I give them an A for effort though.

I finally have DragonBall Xenoverse 2 now. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. I plan on doing so next week asap. I hear you can transfer copies of your characters from the first game over into this one. I don't know for sure yet if that would work between the first game on the 360, and part 2 on Xbox one, but I guess I'll find out. =P

More work drama. Yay...

Anyway, I continue to work, while doing this and that in-between. Had a bit of drama go on at work last weekend, since our client decided to go batshit crazy on a new Staff for attention before my shift started one night. He put two holes in his bedroom walls, *Blaming it on his neighbors*, and slammed his small tv on the floor. Stating that he wanted to go to jail that night, and also claimed that he wanted to kill himself. He almost had the police called on him. His apartment neighbors all around are always loud as hell at night, but he took the cake that evening. Needless to say, I had to be on guard a lot more than usual for the rest of that weekend. Still have to be, actually. I was not in the mood for it either. since I had to work 17 hours that following Saturday night, instead of 16 hours. Thanks to daylight savings time. >_> Extra hour of pay though, hopefully. Better be..


As for any news with artwork, I haven't done anything new since the Halloween and Power Rangers pic. I've been out of room to save any new drawings on my 3DS since then. My inspiration to draw anything new has been kinda dead lately anyway, due to the usual treatment of DA. Eh, whenever I can make some room, maybe someday soon I'll feel like cooking up something new. Only time will tell.


Election Day. 
*Personal opinions. Please respect mine, and I shall respect yours. Otherwise, avoid if you're that sensitive about it.* Heh, I bet I struck your curiosity anyway, haven't I? =P

FINALLY, Election Day came and went. About damn time too. All the fuss between those two clowns got old a long time ago. I did enjoy quite a few jokes about them on Facebook that's been shared this whole time. But other than that, I'm just glad it's over. Now we just gotta worry about how screwed we really are, even though we were going to be screwed no matter who we got. I know this is a touchy subject, and I'm not looking to argue anything over it. I've heard of people losing friend's over all this circus act bullshit because of disagreeing with each other's views on it, which is just sad. So yeah, just saying what I think is all. 



I still say vote for Ku'Treno though...


Is this journal finally over yet? Yes. Yes it is. You're welcome.

Well, I guess that's pretty much it. From what I can think of at the moment, anyway. I guess I should really update more often so my journal posts won't end up being so damn long, lol. Sorry about that. But hey, you were warned. =P I still check into Skype now and then, of course. So if anyone ever wants to hit me up, feel free. If I'm offline, I'll reply asap like always. 

Until next time, boys and girls. May the Force be with you. Live long, and prosper. Love, peace, and chicken grease. Chow for now.

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