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Sailor Moon V Episode 9
Sailor Moon V
Written By Kisiro.
Usagi: "Today on Sailor Moon, I find myself in another sticky situation. As if getting caught smoking wasn't bad enough, now I have an even bigger problem to deal with. Literally! I guess I didn't really thinks things through enough like I thought I did. Ehehehe...Anyway. Stay tuned, and you'll see what I mean."
*Music intro plays.*
Episode 9.
"Oops! An explanation is in order! Usagi's unexpected interrogation."
Near noon, the black cat Luna is currently on her way back home to the Tsunkino house. With sunny skies and calm weather, it appeared to be a beautiful day. Luna had just left Rei's Shrine home, after saying farewell to everyone for now. Everybody, including Luna herself had slept in longer than expected. Due to the battle from yesterday evening, followed by staying up so late. As she walked along down the sidewalk, her mind pondered over what to do about Usagi. "What am I going to do? Everyone is against the idea of Usagi smoking, yet they're o
:iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 12 2
GUT by KisiroBelmont
Mature content
GUT :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 4 5
Ku's Minor Snack by KisiroBelmont Ku's Minor Snack :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 85 21 Genocide Trigger by KisiroBelmont Genocide Trigger :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 6 9 Attack of the Saiyan. by KisiroBelmont
Mature content
Attack of the Saiyan. :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 8 43
Ku'Treno: ''Hold my beer.'' Uncaptioned by KisiroBelmont Ku'Treno: ''Hold my beer.'' Uncaptioned :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 40 4 Strange and unusual by KisiroBelmont Strange and unusual :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 50 12 Ku'Treno Hanging Out_Colored. by KisiroBelmont Ku'Treno Hanging Out_Colored. :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 63 5 Mario, and the Giant Peach. by KisiroBelmont Mario, and the Giant Peach. :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 4 5 In with the new. by KisiroBelmont In with the new. :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 54 10 Kisi in Conton City by KisiroBelmont Kisi in Conton City :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 4 2 Holiday Love. by KisiroBelmont
Mature content
Holiday Love. :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 3 26
Sailor Moon V. Episode 8.
Sailor Moon V
Written By Kisiro.
Usagi: "Today on Sailor Moon, my little brother Shingo finds himself with a much bigger problem to deal with. How, you ask? Well...That's for him to know, and you to find out!" *Giggles* "Stay tuned!"
*Music intro plays.*
Episode 8.
"Thriller filler! Shingo's plight under Usagi's might."
Slowly opening his eyes, Shingo glanced up at his surroundings. Still curled up in a fetal position, he was currently laying on his right side. "Huh?" He spoke softly, before slowly sitting up to look around. His vision seemed to be a bit blurry at the moment. From what he could tell, it appeared to look as though he was currently in his bedroom. It also looked like it was now daytime, since the sun currently shined through his bedroom window. Which didn't help his eyesight very much. As he slowly stood up to his feet, Shingo soon realized that something was very different about his surroundings. Everything that belonged to him appeared to look huge, and far away. His r
:iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 6 7
Sailor Moon V. Episode 7.
Sailor Moon V
Written By Kisiro.
Usagi: "Today on Sailor Moon, it's time for some rest and relaxation. Considering everything that's happened, we definitely earned it! You won't be seeing very much of me in this one, since I'll be sleeping my butt off. But, you'll have a chance to get a little more familiar with my best friends instead! I wish I could've joined them, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have to. So take a load off, and have some fun! Or else I just may have to punish you..." *Giggles*
*Music intro plays.*
Episode 7.
"Usagi smoking?! Slumber party with a late night discussion."
It was now a quarter past midnight. All was quiet on the property of the Tsunkino house. That is, except for the loud snoring that came from Shingo's open bedroom window. With her mouth wide open, Usagi is currently snoozing away in a deep sleep. Laying on her back with her arms, and legs spread out over Shingo's bed. The
:iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 5 7
Sailor Moon V. Episode 6.
Sailor Moon V.
Written By Kisiro.
Usagi: "Today on Sailor Moon, I attempt to teach my little brother a lesson that he'll never forget. Watch out, Shingo! In the name of the Moon, and my stomach, I'll punish you!"
*Music intro plays.*
Episode 6.
"Large and in charge! Usagi's full weekend begins."
"Erk! Sis?!" Shingo yelped out, while gazing at Usagi. The creepy look on her face sent chills down his spine. Shingo nervously took a few steps backward. He was preparing to either be scolded, slapped, or spanked by his older Sister. Suddenly, Usagi displayed an innocent happy look on her face. As she closed her eyes, she slowly stepped toward him. Shingo blinked his eyes at the sudden calmness that his sister displayed. Within seconds, she stopped right in front of him. "Huh?" Shingo uttered, while looking up at her with a confused fear in his eyes. Shingo then suddenly decided to put on his tough act, like he normally does around her. "Heh! You don't...scare me...Do your worst..." He spoke u
:iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 8 10
Sailor Moon V. Episode 5.
Sailor Moon V
Written By Kisiro.
Today on Sailor Moon, we finally get to the bottom of this whole ordeal with Miss Haruna. If you've come this far, then no doubt you'll want to see the exciting conclusion! Stay tuned!"
*Music intro plays.*
Episode 5.
"Miss Haruna's nightmare comes to an end! Usagi's wish for a filling dish."
"What?! Possessed by an evil spirit?!" Sailor Moon questioned Sailor Mars, before cringing in fear. Her teeth chattered, while instantly freaking out. "Are you sure?!" Sailor Mercury questioned, while looking at Sailor Mars. "Yes, I'm sure of it. I felt an evil presence as soon as she started writhing in pain..." Sailor Mars responded. Everyone gazed their eyes at Miss Haruna, while circled around her. Standing their ground, and preparing for anything. Miss Haruna raised her hands up, as if preparing to claw her fingers at any of them. Her tongue continued to hang out of her mouth, while her pitch black eyes continued to gaze straight at Sailor Moon. "You..." The p
:iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 5 15


Well, finally saw the latest episode of Super...Hmm, interesting scene with the introduction of Sailor Moo. Wow, just wow...What a low blow to Sailor Moon, lol. It was pretty funny. I very much enjoyed everything else that took place in the episode. Poor Buu, Beerus will never let that go over the pudding incident, lol. Looking forward to seeing the first canon female super saiyan. XD
Big belly this. Big belly that. Vore or not. We've all seen it in wonderfully amazing art styles over the years with canon, or OC characters. Most of which I still envy, and wish I could do myself. All I ask is to see a cigarette thrown in there now and then within the bloated character's hand. Cigarette=aftermath pleasure, and satisfaction, so why not? Yeah, it's apparently bad for you. What isn't anymore? Art is fantasy anyway. Why have I drawn it so much myself over the years? Because nobody else hardly will. That is why. Course, different folks, different kinks. I guess this is basically my answer to those who question my crappy art. Anyway, just finally throwing that out there, while it's currently on my mind. Ignore if you wish.
That moment when you feel like a last resort choice on the dollar menu. -_-
So, I hear that Frieza is apparently going to be joining in the tournament of power. I thought that was just a rumor too, but now it sounds like it's happening. Poor Buu... >_> Anyway, thoughts? Opinions? Will Frieza agree? Will he teach Frost to not be so blue, and go for the gold? Guess we'll eventually find out... *Shrugs*
It's not easy being cheesy. And by that, I mean covered in cheese... *Hint nudges.*

Current Life Stuff.

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2016, 11:19 PM

Not much really been going on over on this end. Been missing my fiancé greatly. Also been playing lots of Xenoverse 2 between work hours. Speaking of work hours, it looks like I'll be working during Christmas over the weekend. Same goes for New Year's. Yaaay...

Anyway, it also looks like we're having another Staff quit. They put in a 2 week notice, two weeks ago. Just found this out earlier today. So I guess our BS work schedule shall get much worse yet again. Guh, I need to find another job. I know that having a job is better than not having one at all, but it's still exhausting and stressful with too much drama and job threats to deal with from the higher ups. Sucks having to work alone all the time as well. Can get rather boring and lonely. Especially during the late night weekends.

Other than that, been having quite a bit of a toothache these past few weeks. It comes and goes, but it feels like another abscessed tooth. It's not as bad as the few I've had in the past, but close. Still makes it harder to eat and sleep too. Been trying to get a dentist appointment set up. Not much luck there. Can't really afford it anyway, since I already got one major dentist bill I've been working on. Still, gotta do what ya gotta do I guess. I feel like pulling the damn thing out myself, but I imagine that would make things much much worse. =P In the meantime, I've been attempting to dope myself up with Ibuprofen, and goody Powder's to help ease the pain. Sometimes works. Sometimes borrowing a half of Hydrocodone from my mother helps a bunch. It really helps take the edge off when all else fails. Last resort though, because I don't want her to run out of them.

As for productive stuff. I still haven't done any drawing. The most I've done was outline that Sailor Moon comic. Also been working on the next episode of my Sailor Moon V story, but it's been a slow progress. As always, I second guess myself, and I keep adding or removing some things. All the while brainstorming future events that I'm trying to make these current episodes eventually connect to. Eh, writing is a bitch. Fun, but still a bitch. =P Anyway, hopefully I'll have more of them up soon.

Not much else been going on. Been doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Also been looking for any old friend's or family who occasionally make contact about once a year, lol. 

Anyway, in closing...I wish everyone happy holidays, a merry X-mas, and of course a happy new year. Kami knows we're all long overdue for one, lol.

Until next time. Love, peace, and chicken grease. Chow for now.

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Favourite photographer: Peter Parker
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MP3 player of choice: WINAMP
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Favourite cartoon character: Conker, from Bad Fur Day.
Personal Quote: Choose your friend's wisely. Because the last time you give a shit, you just might get fucked.
Instant messengers: AIM and YIM: Pretty much dead. =(
Skype: Kisirobelmont. Almost the same as above, but I still use it anyway.
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