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March 23, 2010
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Vore Elementary by KisiroBelmont Vore Elementary by KisiroBelmont
I've debated on whether or not to upload this one. But I finally figured, oh what the hell. It's hard telling if I'll ever get around to finishing it or not.

Anyway, I sketched this out of boredom one night. And it was out of an old idea of mine. I always thought that one of the greatest things about the furry, AKA: Anthro, community, was the fact that when it comes to vore, it's sometimes treated as no big deal. Due to the laws of nature. Ya know, the whole food chain bit.

I've seen it done in a couple of popular furry comic strips here and there in the past. God knows I wish I could remember the names of those strips. >.> Been so very long now since I've seen them. I forget where they're located online, or if they're even still there. One involved a female ant eater. The other involved a family of furries.

Anyway, I figured I would attempt to make something along those lines, involving a school. My character's Ku'Treno and Benny the mouse make an appearance in this. And on top of that, this also allowed me to introduce two new character's of mine. Amber the snake, and Betsy. The little rabbit guy is just random. I'm not sure what Betsy is exactly. She looks kinda like an elf because of her ears. But her skin color is a pale green. And she has the traits of a frog.

Also, if you recall how people jabber about others and whatnot in school, I went for that alittle bit too. While at the same time, vore is being treated like it's no big deal. And yeah, I know...I got too many smokers in this one. But eh, it's what I like with vore. =P Plus I believe smoking has always been a common thing when it came to school anyway. Course, I never got involved in that back then, but I've seen people sneak it.

My apologies for the numbered word balloons. I just made this up as I went along, adding more and more to it. Which was why in the end I had to number them so it could be read in the right order, to avoid confusion.

Ku'Treno, Benny, Amber, and Betsy: Mine.
Random Rabbit: Don't know, don't care. He'll eventually be snake fodder anyway.
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I wanna be vored...
Trusting myself, I have imagination on the bus about this. O_o_.
Hehe. I use to as well, back in the day. =P
RandomCrap123 May 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Know what i call that? Not evil, hellz no, i call that "That's the way i would do it...if i could".
GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jamiethehedgehog737 May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
how come the boys aren't preds?
I'm sure they're are some. Just not seen in this drawing.
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